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With décors made of ceramic pigments for surfaces such as ceramic, glass and concrete, the artecover design studio reveals new design opportunities for interiors and facades.
artecover, Design
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artecover – Ambience Design

With décors made of ceramic pigments in exclusive maxi-formats for surfaces such as concrete, plaster, granite, glass and ceramic, the artecover design studio reveals entirely new and individual design opportunities for interiors and facades. Creative Director Tanja Zimmer and Design Director Ada Fitz draw inspiration from their travels and everyday life, conversations or quiet moments. Expertly combining various experiences and impressions offered by nature and culture, they continuously create new designs whose timeless styles are captivating. These are traditionally brought to life by brush and ink and this is where art and design meet technical know-how. The décors are digitised to be reproduced through a specially developed printing technology and are subsequently applied to various materials. The application is not limited to flat surfaces: practically any shape can be embellished by these decorations. Since they merely comprise ceramic pigments, they are not only UV-resistant but also weatherproof, hence suitable for outdoor applications.

Symbiosis – design meets innovative technology

With mz Toner Technologies as part of the corporate group, artecover can rely on more than 25 years of experience and expertise. The design studio is supported by extremely competent partners such as the aforementioned inventor and pioneer of ceramic toner with in-house laboratory and patented printing systems as well as m&r and their silk- screen printing production. Only this symbiosis makes possible the creation of unique products world-wide.


The surface philosophers

est. 2014

A new brand by m&r Kreativ

Designing interiors and facades in such a way that they radiate an entirely unique atmosphere – that is the goal pursued by artecover. The symbiosis between timeless, hand-painted designs and innovative technology results in one-of-a-kind products world-wide. This unique combination of creative concepts and technical know-how is already symbolised by the artecover logo. Just like Yin and Yang, the intertwined birds stand for the contrast between the design-oriented white and the black, technical side which perfectly complement, support and inspire each other.

The birds themselves represent a feeling of freedom, exploring new paths and creating something altogether new.


artecover Mural im Dekor Sumi innen
artecover Keramik-Wandfliesen im Design Caché innen
artecover Glas-Wandfliesen im Design Forest innen
artecover Pilkington Profilit™ im Design Surrounded außen


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tanja zimmer

Creative Director
Member of the Management

Phone  +49 (0)681 / 859 60 Mobil   +49 (0)172 / 681 63 80

michael zimmer

Member of the Management

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